How Do I Make A Purchase ?

  1. Take Note of the file number of each shot you have selected from the Dated reference pdf file

    • eg: 20200508-Dbah-5001234. If you have selected multiple shots, you only need the full number once from that date, then just use last 4 digits for any of the further files. (as long as your selections are from the same date)

  2. Select Order Request Button and please fill out the details, quote your selected photograph file numbers​ you wish to purchase. 

  3. On receiving the eMail, I will process the your selected shots and you will receive an email giving you access to the DropBox folder once the Invoice has been paid. 

  4. Invoice payment is also electronic. You will receive an eMail from my PayPal Business account. Just press the pay button and fill in your details. Its quick safe and easy.

    1. (You don't require a PayPal account to pay via this invoice)

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